Wednesday, March 10, 2010

beautiful garbage [SOLD]

Who said leftovers must go to the bin! Here I have made a new double-layered bracelet out of excess materials from my previous creations - carnelian from Barbie's Lanterns, iron beads from rutilated quartz necklace, faux pearls I bought by mistake when I bead-shopped for Vintage Collar Piece, silver chain from Toruk and weaves of brown ribbon in-between copper chain also from Vintage Collar Piece. Not even the ribbon cost me a buck - it's Godiva's chocolate box wrapping!

HK$ 80.00 [SOLD]

*No remakes, since I have nothing left for another recycling.*

sneak peek
glamourous Royal Ring with sterling silver oval rice beads, pave cut silver beads and precious tourmaline


  1. I love that bracelet!!!! May I buy it from you? ^-^

  2. hey Cayenne! thks for your 1st gem :) Of course you may buy it, but you know i'll give you a good discount. I'll bring it along together with the Clover necklace when we see each other this week.

  3. btw is Cayenne some foreign language that you fond of lately?? :-P

  4. Thank you for your offer but I'll give what you deserve. In fact I think the bracelet worth much more than that!!!
    "Cayenne" is the word that many people mixed up with my real name when I was in the U.S. And I like it~ :)
    Can't wait to see you this week.