Monday, March 1, 2010

giveaway, Giveaway, GIVEAWAYYY!

Dear all my girl friends (and just a few boy friends out there),

Before I say anything, I'd like to thank you for checking out my blog - it must be your curiosity urging!

To celebrate the CNY and welcome your first visit, I'm now giving away three lovely pairs of earrings - for absolutely free !

a. Firecrackers
b. Babyberries
c. Flamingo

To take these beauties home, here's how:
Any of 1-4 (optional+5)
  1. Set a permanent link to this blog in your blog/webpage; or
  2. Share a link to this blog in your facebook profile; or
  3. Post a photo of any creations of mine in your facebook, with my blog's URL; or
  4. Share my blog with your friends and family through email, twitter etc.. basically by any means you like; and
  5. Give me 1 gem, meaning comment on my blog for 1 extra entry. It could be anything really, no matter good or bad.
Yup, it's really this simple! However, remember to let me know, e.g. tag me in the facebook photo or message me what you've posted up.

FAQ: How exactly are you going to allot your gifts?
Ans: A lucky draw will be run by my 1-year old daughter, Miss Diaz S. S. aka the most unbiased host on earth. Paper slips with your names written on will be placed inside her brick box. See whom her little hand is more fond of!

Lucky winners will be announced here by beginning of March. You'll be contacted for address details because the little goodies will be delivered right to your door!

I'm new on blogging, publicizing through friends will hopefully channel traffic into my site - that's why your ongoing support means the world to me! Please do bookmark my page, subscribe to my feeds, share it over your social networking.. Thousand thanks out to you all, and wish you all a..

Happy Roarrring Year of Tiger!

diazoe xx

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  1. Hey i m here!!!
    you're so professional!!!
    Congrat Congrat!!