Monday, April 19, 2010

Guess What !

Okay, here's a Guessing Game for you all! I have completed the pendant parts for my upcoming necklace. What's outstanding is just assembling them together with wire - 5 minutes' work. So, can you guess
what is my design?

The First Right Guess will be awarded this pair of Turquoise and Black Agate Earrings (they are the matching earrings of a long 60" turquoise necklace I'm working on right now):

Submit your answer by any means that can reach me before I post up the finished piece real soon.. Prize for one only, hurry up people!!

Our guessing game has a winner within 6 hours! The pretty Turquoise and Black Agate Earrings are going to Cayenne Pepper - congratulations, Ka Yan! Thank you for all who have participated in this. The assembled piece will be published in no time - do come back and check on it!


  1. it does look like a 囍 but just to make the answer different i say it's a chess piece. zoe zoe~i want to know the answer ar^^