Friday, April 16, 2010


Can't believe it has been a whole month since my last post! Sorry for a lack of updates. 

divided♥love pendant is beaded in halves by silver and gold round beads - a rather simple design yet so tactile.

HK $140.00

*Custom orders are welcomed. You can have silver and gold on each side or uni-colour for the whole heart. Want to modify this into earrings or a bracelet? Why not! Tell me your thoughts and I'll work it out for you.*

Meanwhile, please bear with me because I have another 4 pieces underway (one of which I'd DIE to make it perfect!).


  1. This is the one I saw the other day! It's really nice, especially with the bear~ <3

  2. thanks Ka Yan! Bear Brannan is a great cute model! I do think that the necklace's looking better on him than myself..